Mini World Grandma's Garden 5 piece set

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It has been said that Grandma's are just antique little girls - that rings true with this miniature set of 5. Grandma's Garden set includes a table, chair, bird house, flower box and sign.


Table:  2 3/4"H x 2 1/4"W x  2 1/4"D

Chair: 2 1/2"H x 1 1/4"W x  1 3/4"D

Bird House: 4"H x 1 1/4"W x  1"D

Flower Box: 2"H x 2"W x  1 1/4"D

Sign: 3 1/2"H x 2 1/4"W x  1/8"D

Material: Hand Painted Poly Resin

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