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It is a completely different kind of video for children and families. With a light hand and heart, it inspires children to explore the natural world around them. It is the story of Kristen and her vacation on a small island off the New England coast with her aunt Tracy, an artist. Tracy is creating a picture book about fairy houses built in the woods by visiting children. As they share an island adventure, a special relationship develops and Kristen becomes the heroine of her own story. Just as seashells house the sound and spirit of the sea, so too the forest houses the sound and spirit of the legendary fairies. A 1997 Parents' Choice Gold Award winner, Kristen's Fairy House takes its viewers on a quiet journey of many unexpected discoveries. Young Kristen ventures into the peaceful surroundings of an island off the coast of Maine with her talented Aunt Tracy, a storybook artist. Together they explore a wonderful woodsy land dedicated to the creation of fairy houses. As the week--and Kristen's own fairy house project--progresses, the two share simple moments of heartwarming pleasure: a cozy campfire, a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, a late-night waltz in their quaint cottage. The entire movie is shot as a documentary, narrated in retrospective prose by Kristen. Throughout the story, she learns the importance of viewing the world with an artist's eye, appreciating beauty in the smallest packages. Its simple style, harmonious score, and inviting scenery make this short feature tremendously enjoyable for youngsters old enough to ponder the reality of fairies and adults young enough to let them. The videotape package includes a handout, illustrated by Aunt Tracy, that describes tips for building a fairy house like Kristen's. Upon viewing, kids will probably want to dig right in and build their own. Not Rated. Ages 3 and up. 40 minutes.

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