Garden of Serenity II CD

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Garden of Serenity II CD, by David and Steve Gordon, bring you the enchanted sounds of the most peaceful garden ever created. Beautiful natural sounds of tranquil music that will put your mind at peace and filled it with images of lush plants, fragrant flowers, and quiet pools. Followed up by the best seller Garden Serenity, this takes you back into the secluded garden walls where blissful Shakuhauchi and Silver Flute melodies intertwine with gentle harp, koto, temple bells, piano, wind chimes, flowing mountain streams, and exotic songbirds. This album is used extensively by healing art professional for their sessions with clients to create a healing stress-free environment.

MP3 Clips:
Zen Garden, Part I (Stillness of the White Cloud)
Monet's Garden, part I Variations on Reverie
Zen Garden, Part II (Soul-Bird in Infinite Blue)
Monet's Garden, Part II Further Variations of Reverie

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