Forest Secrets - A Fairy Houses Mystery - Paperback

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Kate is thrilled when she realizes that her new home borders an enchanted forest. Nothing is more fascinating to Kate than the wonders of nature. She meets Luke Carver, a real nature geek. Together they discover a fairy house hidden in the trunk of a tree. Inside, they find a mysterious clue. Who built the fairy house, and why? What other secrets does the forest hold? As Luke and Kate investigate the mystery, they learn that the woods are in danger. They are determined to save the forest, but how? Where’s the fairy dust when you need it? Kate handed the flashlight to him. Luke's head seemed to disappear into the massive tree. The he backed out, reached into the opening and took out a float stone. Look! he said. This was behind the bed. It has some writing on it! The stone was a bit dusty, but Luke could make out the words... Chapter Book for ages 7-11 Paperback 8.5 x 6.25 - 126 pages and 25 illustrations. Combines nature, magic and artistic vision in a beautiful package. Publisher's Weekly Speaks to the sanctity of nature and how the world around us is a source of inspiration. Family Fun Forest Secrets is charming, original, entertaining, and superbly well crafted from beginning to end. The Midwest Book Review

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