Flower Fairies Enchanted Parties with Invitations, Stickers, Name Badges, and Fairy Wings!

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Down at the bottom of the garden, tiny fairies flutter out to enjoy magical parties with their best friends. Now you can use this book to host your own occasions full of Flower Fairy wonder! Everything you need is here, from delicate invitations to stickers and pretty fairy name badges. A perfect guide to hosting the most sparkly parties! Learn how to host the perfect party with a little help from your fairy friends! This beautiful cased, cloth-bound book contains everything a girl needs to create and host a wonderful fairy get-together. Pretty and practical, this well-organized party guide is divided into six tabbed sections which are full of ideas for recipes, games, food, decorations, goody bags, and costumes. A concealed spiral binding allows easy access to every page. A resealable pocket in the front includes colorful stickers, shaped name badges, delicate invitations, and a card door hanger. And a step-by-step checklist is included so everyone can feel like the perfect party planner. Create fairy garlands, make fairy nectar, and play Guess the Flower Fairy at your next fairy gathering. Everything you need for a sparkly time is just inside. Ages 3+

Dimensions: 8W x 9H

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