Fairyopolis - A Flower Fairies Journal Book

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By Cicely Mary Barker. A beautiful new Flower Fairy book release filled with fabulous colorful pictures, photography and interactive pages. This entertaining fairy book will delight and inspire all ages. Do you believe in fairies? Cicely Mary Barker did after here experience: I had the strangest dream last night. A group of Fairies were hovering above my bed, discussing my wound. A wonderfully, heady scent of flowers wafted around me. I suddenly realized my had no longer hurt. It is completely healed! I am stunned. I must find my watercolors immediately in order to capture my magical vision. Protected and hidden by a society of Fairy lovers for over 80 years the secret fairy journal of Cicely Mary Barker is available for the first time ever to the public. Learn what really happened during that magical Summer of 1920 when Cicely Mary Barker discovered the secret world of the Flower Fairies.

Dimensions: 9.84 x 11.61in - 32 thick pages.

Padded Hardcover.

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