Fairy Houses & Beyond by Barry & Tracy Kane

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Connecting families and nature with a bit of fairy magic is the second pictorial tour co-authored by Tracy and her husband, Barry Kane. Using photographs of actual fairy houses throughout the country, this latest release shows what can be done with a little creativity and the natural materials that surround us. Tracy writes about the experience of building fairy houses: It is a way to explore and participate in the wonder of nature; to bring people closer together as they collaborate in an activity with nature; to provide an opportunity for children of all ages to create, invent and learn. She explains that building fairy houses encourages children to explore the outdoors and inspires awareness of the natural environment. In an era when children are spending too much time indoors watching TV, playing computer and video games, building fairy houses is an activity that reconnects kids with nature, she said. A fairy house can be simple or elaborate, colorful or camouflaged, impromptu or intricately designed. The only rule is that no living thing is harmed or the fairies won't come. The fairy houses building craze has inspired a host of community activities and events ranging from fairy house tours to musicals and even ballets. It has become a year-round activity, helping to bond families and friends across the generations. The Fairy House Series has received six prestigious awards and has been critically acclaimed as a must-have for children's collections and is also wonderful reading and creatively inspiring for adults too! Hard Cover 8.5 x 8.5 - 62 pgs.

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