Fairies: A Celebration of the Seasons by Beverlie Manson

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Discover the secret world of Beverlie Manson's Fairies and join their seasonal celebrations in the stunning new picture book featuring glittery pages. This celebration of the seasons and the fairy universe is a work of art from start to finish. Beverlie Manson's dazzling paintings are interwoven with poetic text and fairy folklore as they move from springs bluebells and golden daffodils through the summer, autumn, and winter chill. The beautiful illustrations feature a level of detail that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike, and each season has its own special palette. In addition to the large and evocative central images with their flora, fauna, and delicately winged figures, smaller cameos provide a personal introduction to every charming fairy contained within, as well as the different flowers and animals that fill the page. Find out about fairy gifts, meet the Fairy Queen, and join in a fairy dance. This is a wonderful gift book, a treasure for all ages, and a treat for every lover of magic and fantasy. Glittered Hard Cover

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