Faeries and Other Fantastical Folk by Maxine Gadd

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The magical and wondrous paintings of Maxine Gadd are renowned the world over for the glimpses they offer us into the enchanting realms of Fairyland. Here you will find beauty not normally revealed to the mortal eye, and quirky fascination that will make you catch your breath. Welcome to Maxine Gadd's work of pixies and fairy goddesses, elves and sprites and tricksters and trolls - even mermaids. To most of us, the faeries reveal themselves in mysterious ways. A glancing light that we see out of the corner of our eye, the subtle movement of a leaf or twig that stops by the time we turn to look...We've sensed the presence of the faeries, but we haven't' been able to see one. A few people over the ages have been luckier. To them the faeries have opened the wonders of their world to full view: the magical colors, the enchantments the strange and marvelous creatures who share Faeryland... Maxine Gadd. Nicely bound with a padded hard cover with gold gilded pages.

9.5 x 7.5 112 pages.

Contents: Journey into Faerie; Faeries, Faeries, Faeries; Faery Goddesses; Dark Faeries; Mermaids; In Faeryland; Farewell to Faerie; About the paintings; Artist's Acknowledgments.

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