Circular Wind Chime

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Wind chimes have always been popular home decor items. If you too wish to own one to add serenity, have a look at this one. Made of the best quality metal, this wind chime will produce melodious tunes. Hang it on a hook above the entrance door and guests are sure to be awed at the sight of this handsome wind chime. Outside you can hook it to poles or tree branches for an ornamental appeal. The tunes of the bells of the wind chimes are sure to provide the peace and tranquility to rejuvenate you. Spend your leisure time listening to the soft tunes of this wind chime. 2 to choose from:

A -  Orange/Yellow

B -  Blue /Green

Dimensions: 25.59"H x 9.25"W x 2.76"D

Material:  Metal

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