Catkin of the Willow Trees

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Catkin of the Willow Trees . Catkin blows the willow branches so they can sing their mournful song. She comes with a faerie coin. Sing with Catkin while she does blow. Her breath the breath of the willow and rustling on a summer's eve. Her urgings make us all believe. The creatures of the pond commence a choral number sweet yet dense. The bass of toads, and baritone of frogs and salamander's moan. Soprano lilting of woodland duck and tenor of the old woodchuck. The alto wrens and chickadees the music swells amidst the breeze. All due to Catkin on the bank. We have only her to thank. Her inspiration made it so for she's the faerie of the willow. These Woodland Faeries are designed for display indoors on their bronzed stand as well as in the garden, where faeries feel most at home! Each faerie comes with a garden spike, which stabilizes it when pushed through the hole on the base and into the soil.

Dimensions: 7.5H x 2W x 2.5D
Material: Resin-Bronze mix with a cold cast process. Acrylic wings

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