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Season's Greetings and Good Tidings November 30 2013

Busy as bees all year round. The Holidays are here already! Let’s sing, dance, and rejoice as fairies often do! Don’t fret over dirty dishes; the adorable My Little Kitchen Fairies are here to help!

Dashing through the snow, rain, or gusty winds arrive safely no matter where your holiday plans take you. Don’t forget a Fairy Penny for good luck!

We gather around and enjoy our loved ones company, add a sprinkle of fairy dust for fun and joy!

We have plenty of gifts, big and small. Each fairy is different so search them all! Our bendable petal fairies love to hang from your tree, add a flower fairy for some company!

The kids and fairies are tucked in tight, waiting for Santa to visit in the night. The elf’s return to the North Pole, the reports are in; were you naughty or nice?!

We truly love the holidays and the joy the season brings! From our store to your door we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

Good tidings to all, and to all, farewell…. for now!

The Gift of Giving November 15 2013

The gift of giving is from the heart and no dollar amount can be put on it. The fairies have set a good example for us to model after, following in their thankful and giving ways.

eFairies.com has an assortment of My Little Kitchen Fairies who are eager to be in the kitchen having fun baking the Thanksgiving meal.

Cookbook available from eFairies.com

You can even bake up a storm with your little fairies at home with easy recipes from the “Fairies Cookbook”.

The fairies have many items available to them and can help you decorate your Thanksgiving table. PumpkinsGourdsAutumn Trees, and colored leaves.

Fairies will be busy doing what they do best spreading joy and happiness with every sprinkle of fairy dust they leave behind. You can even wear a fairy dust necklace to be reminded of that.

Life lessons that we’ve learned from our fairy friends and mentors include helping others in any way we can. We can help create a fairy garden using ideas from “Fairy Gardening” Tools are available and many faux flowers.

Spend time with loved ones, friends, and maybe a fairy or two. Together we can make a difference, even if it’s time spent on simple things. Share a special moment and work on an assortment of activitiescoloring booksbooks of all kindspuzzles, or any of our crafts!