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April showers bring May flowers! May 01 2014

April showers bring May flowers! We have plenty of items to help decorate both indoor and out!

Our garden statues are perfect for ledges by the water feature or on a garden wall. All of our smaller trinkets are perfect to help the Easter Bunny stuff eggs to hide for the children (and some adults!).

Most importantly don’t forget about our garden miniaturesBuild your dream Fairy Garden today!

Valentine’s Day Greetings! February 13 2014

Roses are red, violets are blue, and nothing says love like a fairy gift from me to you.

All year long the fairies demonstrate the importance of sharing, passion, love, kindness, caring, and respect. All of these things we tend to forget with the responsibilities of everyday life.

Share a wonderful thought with a close friend or loved one, or start a new project you’ve always been passionate about. Maybe start that fairy garden you’ve been thinking of. Or peek at some of our puzzles that your could work on with someone special.

Send some love to someone with any of our adorable heart pendantsglass hearts, or a fairy figurine that were designed with love in mind.

Spread kindness with someone who is having a difficult day. We have a great selection of notecards, a perfect way to reach out and brighten someone's day.

Show you care by helping someone in need, or giving someone a pick-me-up. We have plenty of fun activities and games to work on together.

Most importantly don’t forget to respect those in our lives that mean the most, we often take things for granted. Nothing says I love you like ordering that special item they’ve had on their wish list for months!

We know Valentine’s is just another calendar day, but take advantage of the opportunity to say I love you to those who matter most.

We love fairies, we love gnomes, and we love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

2014 has arrived! January 01 2014

The New Year has arrived! Now is the time for resolutions and a fresh start. We put our best foot forward and use all our knowledge from past years to absorb and gain new knowledge to help us grow and understand what 2014 has in store.

As our schedules return to normal and the children return to school, we find it difficult to stay focused! We have a great assortment of books and puzzles that spark our imaginations but still keep us in line with the task at hand!

Create a fun game for the resolutions you've laid out.  Each time you complete a resolution, purchase a piece to add to your existing fairy garden, or the one you've been thinking of building! We have a wide selection of accessories to create anything you can imagine. Just because you've grown up doesn't mean you need to stop dreaming or creating! Fun is for everyone, big or small!

As the year unfolds the fairies remind us to rejoice and appreciate blessing both big and small. We have an assortment of great cards if someone you know needs a little encouragement or a friendly note. Powered with a little bit of fairy dust it will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Here is to the New Year! From our store to your door we wish you a pleasant start to the year, and may all your wishes come true in 2014!

Fairy Gardening – Create YOUR own fairy garden! July 29 2013

Creating a fairy garden is not rocket science, but it does involve some research and planning in order to achieve the desired results.  FAIRY GARDENING, Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden, written by Julie Bawden-Davis and Beverly Turner, and GARDENING in MINIATURE, Create Your Own Tiny Living World, by Janit Calvo are great reference books available here at eFairies.com.  They’re full of helpful hints on how to select, plant, and stage a relaxing, beautiful setting where fairies can follow their passion, or simply hang out.

According to Bawden-Davis and Turner, you need to follow a few simple steps when designing and planting a fairy garden.   These include choosing the perfect container, selecting a theme, creating a focal point, planting perfect pint-sized plants, and decorating with appropriately scaled accessories.  Following these steps will help create an intriguing visual story for your new magical world.

Suspension Bridge is just what every fairy garden needs to help the fairies and gnomes cross those difficult paths whether it be a stream of water, or a ditch.

Of course, adorable flower fairies and accessories make the garden an open invitation for all fairies to come join the fun.  eFairies has hundreds of miniature accessories to add personality to your garden.  We carry landscaping materials, pixie sized plants and potsanimal figurines, bird bathswishing wellstables and chairs, and just about anything else needed to accent the very best fairy gardens.  These fixtures and figurines also come in a variety of sizes to fit the proportions of your design, an important aspect of creating a well-balanced garden.

Fairy gardens can differ greatly, but all are steeped in an aura of enchantment and magic.  For their diminutive size, fairy gardens can have a wonderfully dramatic impact at minimal cost, are space savers, and require marginal maintenance.  But most importantly, fairy gardens offer a hobby that can be shared with children, grand children, or with your own inner child.

Good Gourds! September 14 2012

It's good to be a gourd!  Not only are they beautiful – ripening into a variety of colors, sizes and shapes fit for a seasonal centerpiece – but they have been cultivated for thousands of years by many cultures worldwide.   Gourds are actually related to pumpkins, melons, squash, and cucumbers, all members of the Cucurbitaceous or Cucumber family.   Native Americans used them as utensils, storage containers, water-gatherers, and as ornaments. Perhaps this is why they seem so at home in the Cornucopia of a Thanksgiving holiday table.

At efairies.com, we have another interesting use for gourds…as unique living residences for the fall and wintering fae.  When the temperature drops and the rains threaten, fairies need more contained, comfortable living quarters then the protection of a toadstool cap.  The Fiddlehead Fairy Pumpkin House offers a pumpkin-inspired home complete with a battery-operated candle to shed light during the gloomiest of nights.  There are also the Striped Gourd House, the Gourd Shaped Fairy Home, and the Crookneck Cottage Fairy Home, all with their own battery powered candle, perfect for display amongst corn stalks and surplus pumpkins, or nestled in an Autumn fairy gardens or planter.

The Fiddlehead Fairy Village Tree House tries hard to live up to its “haunted” reputation, and would be right at home in an Autumn or Halloween miniature themed garden.  This mysterious residence takes on a life of its own with its three stories of jutting gabbled peaks.  Luckily it comes with a battery-operated candle to keep the ghouls at bay, and the fairies at play.

If you’ve got a bumper crop of pumpkins or gourds, and want to try your hand at carving your own fairy home, check out the amazing photographs in the books Fairy Houses and Beyond or Fairy Houses – Unbelievable by Barry and Tracy Kane.  They will provide ideas and inspiration for creating fun, whimsical fairy habitats.  Just remember to put some seeds aside as a gourd-warming gift for future fairy residents.

Better Fairy Homes and Gardens April 11 2012

Did you know little is the new big?  In the growing miniature market, tiny is trés chic.  After years of ostentatious consumption, with homes that looked and felt more like warehouses, it’s good that we’re back to appreciating things of a smaller scale.  That includes gardens.

The Fairy Garden is the smallest of the small.  It is tranquil – much like a Zen garden – but the main aesthetic is its miniature proportions.  Fairy Homes and dwellings nestled in fairy gardens are small, dollhouse size or less structures, that are built of stone or materials of an organic nature.  The cottage designs are timeless, and seamlessly mesh with the landscape.  eFairies.com has some great examples of fairy dwellings with their line of Little White Barn products. Carling’s CottageBlossom’s Bungalow, and Aidan’s Cottage are all the perfect size to accommodate a family of fairies

Outfitting these cottages and barns is easy with Fairy Garden Accessories.  House exteriors can be dressed up with wishing wellsarborsvine fencesladdersleaf garden stakestiny gazing balls, and leaf bistro sets. Inside the abode, dollhouse furniture or accessories in the form of fairy canopy beds or tea time table and chairs can turn a shell of a house into a “home sweet home.”

When hardscaping the actual garden surrounding the miniature dwellings, be creative with leaf stepping stonesfairy garden brick setsaged pathway tilesaged garden fountaincobblestone paths, and garden walls.   It will really give that teeny tiny yard a lived in feel.

Landscape the Fairy Garden patch with colorful flowers such as Primroses, Pansies, or Alyssum; ground covers such as Irish Moss, Blue Star Creeper, or Creeping Jenny; and with dwarf shrubs of Rosemary and Lavender.   Remember – go heavy on the perennials and dwarf shrubs, light on the annuals.

The perfect Fairy Homes and Gardens are sure to attract sprites from far and wide, as well as birds, bees, and butterflies.  Keep the area clean and comfortable, and you’ll have fairy lodgers for years to come.