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Fairy Love, Magic, and Peace January 26 2015

Spread the love, magic, and peace this Valentine’s Day with a little help from the fairies! There are lots of magical items to be discovered at eFairies.com!

The fairies love leaving little treats to be discovered by those who believe in the magic! Find the perfect treat for that special someone! We have a great selection of fairy figurines and statues. There is a vast selection of garden miniatures for people who love creating magical fairy gardens! Whether you are a first time gardener, a fairy extraordinaire, or a fantastic whimsical creator of a fanciful fairy garden, you will surely find something that caters to all your fairy needs!

eFairies.com has puzzles and games to work on together for hours of fun! Our mystical children’s toys will entice your little ones to enter their own magical fairy world through imagination and creativity; taking them to a place where anything is possible if you believe in the magic!

Our wide selection of cards, stickers, and calendars will help make your Valentine’s Day magical and filled with love and a special message from the heart. Our My Little Kitchen Fairies make it easy to show your love and appreciation for someone special with their adorable gestures and cute outfits!

We hope you have a special Valentine’s Day and spread the Fairy love, magic, and peace to all of those who hold a special place in your heart! From our store to your door, Happy Valentine’s Day!

-The Fairy Godmother

2014 Holiday Season November 20 2014

The holidays are upon us and it’s a joyous time to spend time with loves ones. eFairies.com is here to help you spread the magic and cheer even if you are on a shoe string budget.

We have lots of affordable gifts that are sweet little tokens and trinkets for all ages!

Our glass hearts and ladybugs are perfect examples to add with a lovely card or give as a little gift to someone who may need some extra love.

Share your creativity with loved ones this season and start a fairy garden tradition. We have a wide selection of fairy garden miniatures to get you started! The combined effort of creative minds and hands the sky is the limit!

eFairies.com has more to offer than just fairy items. We have dragons, mermaids, gnomes, unicorns, and much, much more! Find affordable items for everyone on your list!

We have a wide assortment of home decor accessories and ornaments to hang from your tree or around the home. Our butterfly and dragonfly clips come in silver or an assortment of colors to help add some sparkle around your home.

Our flower fairies and bendable petal fairies are perfect to decorate your indoor trees and wreaths for the holidays! Bring out a whimsical touch by adding any of our great items in your home!

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and hope we are able to be a one stop shop for many of our customers this holiday season!

From our store to your door Happy Holidays from the eFairies team!

eFairies.com has partnered with Parents and FamilyCircle magazine! August 29 2014

We want to share our latest adventure with our supporters! eFairies.com has partnered with Parents and FamilyCircle magazine! Here is a little video that highlights what we do best...Fairies!

Fairy Business August 13 2014

Fairies like to be rewarded for the assistance they provide humans in their daily endeavors.  When contemplating a fairy offering, it’s the thought that counts…sort of.  Fairies definitely have their preferences as the giftee; food and drink are a favorite, as well as beads, gems and anything that sparkles.  An exceptional seashell or a unique rock is also things they may covet.  But what they like best are FAIRY COINS.

What is a Fairy Coin?  The Tooth Fairy and crew are constantly presenting us with human coins in exchange for baby teeth.  Fairy Coins are what WE can offer the fae in exchange for their acts of kindness and deeds well done.

Here at eFairies we have a lovely, new grouping of fairy coins called The Trilogy Collection.  These three hand-forged coins each feature a unique aspect of “fairy business” embodied in a special fairy.   Cherish is there to care for the human and represent the virtues of the Fairy Godmother.  Chloe signifies the magic and wonder of Mother Nature.  Calista is symbolic of the beauty of fairies, from the inside out.  

These collector’s fairy coins come packaged in a magical chest, which also contain detailed descriptions and poems about each individual fairy. Present them to a special Godmother, human or fairy.  Leave them as an offering outside a fairy door.  Trade them with fairy-loving friends.  Keep them in a special place, such as on your nightstand, to attract fairies into your dreams.

Fairy coins are tokens of gratitude gifted to magical beings that help and protect us -- but they also bring good fortune to those who share them with the fae…so share away!       

Welcome to the NEW eFairies.com web site! August 04 2014 2 Comments

This summer at eFairies, we have been working very hard to bring you a simplified, easy, pleasant online shopping experience.  We are happy to present you with our new site which allows for quicker navigation and browsing for all your fairy needs on any device, from a desktop computer, to your iPhone.

We hope you like the new look and stay tuned as we continue to improve and refine the fairy shopping experience for you!  And, as always, please let us know what you think!

Happy shopping!

April showers bring May flowers! May 01 2014

April showers bring May flowers! We have plenty of items to help decorate both indoor and out!

Our garden statues are perfect for ledges by the water feature or on a garden wall. All of our smaller trinkets are perfect to help the Easter Bunny stuff eggs to hide for the children (and some adults!).

Most importantly don’t forget about our garden miniaturesBuild your dream Fairy Garden today!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day March 13 2014

My Little Kitchen Fairies - Fairie Decorating Cookie Figurine

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Did you wake up feeling lucky? If not no worries, efairies.com has you covered! We have plenty of gold fairy dust to stamp or sprinkle on with a star wand applicator. Our great selection of wands will keep bad luck at bay with a flick or a wave. We even have one with fairy dust for a touch of sparkle.

Try and find the pot of gold, if you do will you share? Check out the mountain o’splendor this leprechaun has discovered. This grinning guy is available in a greeting card or magnet. We’d also like to welcome six charming fellows to our Garden Statues: Old Tom, Good Robert, Pat Murphy, Paddy, Michael, and Mr. Kevin. Do you think one will lead the way to a pot of gold? Don’t blink or you might end up being lost with their tom foolery! These tricky fellows will leave you staring at a tree in a mystical place with a leprechaun door and an emerald cluster shinning right in your eyes!

If your day is feeling like a washout because of the rain, don’t forget we have adorable rain gear for ages 1-6. We all want to splash in puddles and chase the rainbow when the clouds break.

In lieu of the rain, maybe your indoor fairy garden is starting to look a bit greener for spring; our Celtic stepping stones are a great addition for a fairy walkway or path. We also have a great variety of Celtic CD’s if you like music while you work, create, or commute.

Don’t forget we have My Little Kitchen Fairies; one is even dressed in her St. Patrick’s Day best. She’d look so cute on your desk, or make a great addition to your on-going collection.

As the day comes to a close the fairies can toast with our shamrock tea set, or pewter beer mugs (for those fairies that like a fun fete).

We hope you made it through your day without a pinch or a poke, but maybe they didn’t see the green piggy paint! Happy St. Patrick’s Day and we wish you the best!

Valentine’s Day Greetings! February 13 2014

Roses are red, violets are blue, and nothing says love like a fairy gift from me to you.

All year long the fairies demonstrate the importance of sharing, passion, love, kindness, caring, and respect. All of these things we tend to forget with the responsibilities of everyday life.

Share a wonderful thought with a close friend or loved one, or start a new project you’ve always been passionate about. Maybe start that fairy garden you’ve been thinking of. Or peek at some of our puzzles that your could work on with someone special.

Send some love to someone with any of our adorable heart pendantsglass hearts, or a fairy figurine that were designed with love in mind.

Spread kindness with someone who is having a difficult day. We have a great selection of notecards, a perfect way to reach out and brighten someone's day.

Show you care by helping someone in need, or giving someone a pick-me-up. We have plenty of fun activities and games to work on together.

Most importantly don’t forget to respect those in our lives that mean the most, we often take things for granted. Nothing says I love you like ordering that special item they’ve had on their wish list for months!

We know Valentine’s is just another calendar day, but take advantage of the opportunity to say I love you to those who matter most.

We love fairies, we love gnomes, and we love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

2014 has arrived! January 01 2014

The New Year has arrived! Now is the time for resolutions and a fresh start. We put our best foot forward and use all our knowledge from past years to absorb and gain new knowledge to help us grow and understand what 2014 has in store.

As our schedules return to normal and the children return to school, we find it difficult to stay focused! We have a great assortment of books and puzzles that spark our imaginations but still keep us in line with the task at hand!

Create a fun game for the resolutions you've laid out.  Each time you complete a resolution, purchase a piece to add to your existing fairy garden, or the one you've been thinking of building! We have a wide selection of accessories to create anything you can imagine. Just because you've grown up doesn't mean you need to stop dreaming or creating! Fun is for everyone, big or small!

As the year unfolds the fairies remind us to rejoice and appreciate blessing both big and small. We have an assortment of great cards if someone you know needs a little encouragement or a friendly note. Powered with a little bit of fairy dust it will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Here is to the New Year! From our store to your door we wish you a pleasant start to the year, and may all your wishes come true in 2014!

Season's Greetings and Good Tidings November 30 2013

Busy as bees all year round. The Holidays are here already! Let’s sing, dance, and rejoice as fairies often do! Don’t fret over dirty dishes; the adorable My Little Kitchen Fairies are here to help!

Dashing through the snow, rain, or gusty winds arrive safely no matter where your holiday plans take you. Don’t forget a Fairy Penny for good luck!

We gather around and enjoy our loved ones company, add a sprinkle of fairy dust for fun and joy!

We have plenty of gifts, big and small. Each fairy is different so search them all! Our bendable petal fairies love to hang from your tree, add a flower fairy for some company!

The kids and fairies are tucked in tight, waiting for Santa to visit in the night. The elf’s return to the North Pole, the reports are in; were you naughty or nice?!

We truly love the holidays and the joy the season brings! From our store to your door we wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

Good tidings to all, and to all, farewell…. for now!

The Gift of Giving November 15 2013

The gift of giving is from the heart and no dollar amount can be put on it. The fairies have set a good example for us to model after, following in their thankful and giving ways.

eFairies.com has an assortment of My Little Kitchen Fairies who are eager to be in the kitchen having fun baking the Thanksgiving meal.

Cookbook available from eFairies.com

You can even bake up a storm with your little fairies at home with easy recipes from the “Fairies Cookbook”.

The fairies have many items available to them and can help you decorate your Thanksgiving table. PumpkinsGourdsAutumn Trees, and colored leaves.

Fairies will be busy doing what they do best spreading joy and happiness with every sprinkle of fairy dust they leave behind. You can even wear a fairy dust necklace to be reminded of that.

Life lessons that we’ve learned from our fairy friends and mentors include helping others in any way we can. We can help create a fairy garden using ideas from “Fairy Gardening” Tools are available and many faux flowers.

Spend time with loved ones, friends, and maybe a fairy or two. Together we can make a difference, even if it’s time spent on simple things. Share a special moment and work on an assortment of activitiescoloring booksbooks of all kindspuzzles, or any of our crafts!

MERMAID MADNESS! September 04 2013

Mermaid Madness at eFairies.com

It’s true that eFairies has everything fairy, from throw blankets and jewelry to costumes, calendars, and figurines.  But we also carry merchandise featuring other magical creatures such as gnomes, unicorns and, most recently, mermaids.  Mermaids are fairies of the sea.  They are playful, inquisitive, and very industrious.  Just as fairies are caretakers of garden and forest, mermaids are keepers of the oceans and waterways – protectors of all life aquatic.

The Walt Disney Company made fairies and mermaids superstars when they animated Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell and Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid, Ariel.  Ariel made scores of little girls aspire to growing fins and a tale, and become half fish.  After movies, series, and a marketing blitzkrieg featuring Ariel and her pals of the sea, mermaids are still hot, hot, hot!

In honor of Mermaid Madness, eFairies would like to feature The Mermaid’s Treasure, the definitive book about mer people, written and illustrated by Stephanie True Peters, a “true” mermaid aficionado.  It’s part activity book, part treasure trove of mermaid trivia.  From touring a mermaid’s castle, to learning about marine mammals, it’s full of fun and facts regarding life under the sea.

There’s The Wave Fairy Door , the only entrance into the mermaid-infested waters of the Kingdom of Fairyland.  Physically off limits to humans, all you need is a vivid imagination to explore this fascinating realm of the deep.   We have artist Amy Brown’s wondrous take on the mermaid culture with figurines Obsidian Pool DivaPearl Diva I Fairy Diva Mermaid, and Fairy Diva Water.  And there’s the cheery Mermaid Fairy Bracelet, a bauble that is perfect for mermaids, or young fans of mermaids.

Mermaids and fairies make enchanting pairings, bringing magic to what lies above and beneath the sea.  eFairies is proud to support Mermaid Madness!, and hope you’ll check out these extraordinary swimmers on our website.